Managing Simple Finance for Small Business

Get used to it! Make a complete record of finances, be it cash flow (cash in / out), daily, weekly and monthly earnings records, your business purchases record. No matter how small the business you have started, prepare the records properly, so that if one day the effort gets great, you get used to it. Actually, in addition to the above reasons, financial records are necessary to measure your performance and your target whether it has been achieved or not. Many small businesses that go bankrupt when in fact potentially become big, just because of the problem of financial recording of this business. One of the weaknesses of small and medium-sized businesses is the matter of financial management. Yes, the matter of managing the finances of this business becomes a very complicated problem for the novice entrepreneur and business owner. Is it difficult to record and manage business finances? Could be yes, could not. But all must begin, even in the simplest way. Separate Business Money and Personal Money, This is in the first sequence because this is very important. Most business operators go bankruptcy because they do not do this financial separation. It is unclear where money is for business, where money is for personal use. Mixed in a daze. SEPARATE! once again DETACH! Or later you will find your finances out and you have to make a loan. Although it is very important for you to know which Legal Loan Singapore can give you a loan later on.

Take a salary from your own business profits for personal use. If you have not been able to pay big, yes small also not anything, as long as recorded. Even if you have not been able, yes delay the pleasure, tighten the belt to work your business without a salary! Often small business actors do not separate their personal finances with business finances. The reason is that the tochis still small, so it is not complex yet. But this is a fatal error. So create two separate accounts, if you need to inject funds with a certain percentage of capital. Because when you buy your personal needs with business money, then unconsciously your business money will be eroded and exhausted. Use employees or 3rd parties to help you keep track of your small business. Even if it is not possible, use software to manage your finances.